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services To Professionnals

Compuwave is aimed at companies, associations, self-employed and liberal professions.

For its customers, Compuwave has become with the time, the "One Stop Shop", the supplier of computer hardware, the I.T. service provider but also the adviser on whom the customer can count.

Our competence extends to the following areas:

Sale, installation and maintenance of computers (servers and workstations)
Sale, installation and maintenance of computer peripherals
Sale and installation of standard market software

Development of custom software
Development and publication of Internet sites
Domain name and mail server Management
I.T. services (advice, studies, troubleshooting, interviews)

Our Mission :  to make your digital life easier! It's possible!

Services to individuals

We also take care of individuals who found us a valuable advisor and effective aid in the configuration of a computer more complicated to manage at home given the extent of the areas where it applies.

It is how we come to individuals to help them in the config or the optimisation of their computer system.  The war on viruses and other bugs is of course our daily lives in a family environment.  It's one of the reason that we push to offer our customers an Business Antivirus Solution.

We strive to bring our expertise in families our advice to make reliable PCs and devices throughout a particular home, connected wired or Wifi.  Upon arrival, we often find a no coherent set of equipment, little or no configured and the pc and ADSL routers or badly protected cables.

Our mission: to make your digital life easier! It's possible!

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