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Founded in 1988, COMPUWAVE is a, IT services and componants provider company.

Its long experience in this area offers to its clients to receive the best advice, whether it's investments in hardware or software.

COMPUWAVE is active geographically in "Picarde Wallonia" and offers to businesses in the region a real computer service tailored according to each person's skills, on site or remotely.  In the form of one-time audit or consulting on a daily basis, the company assists its clients in his reflections on his computer in the broad sense of the term, not just "intra muros" infrastructure but the opportunity to see one or more services delocalized (Cloud, WEB or Mail Server,...) to "data centers" such as those of our partner BEHostings, a Walloon companywith which we work for 2016.

In short, the Mission of COMPUWAVE: to make your digital life easier! It's possible!


With its already long existence in the computer market, COMPUWAVE has acquired a certain expertise in the field of computer networks that it has seen born, long before the Microsoft network becomes the market leader in the enterprise.
In its perpetual research of quality, COMPUWAVE has taken the advantage of working only with manufacturers offering the best after-sales service, which is why some brands have disappeared from its catalogue.  On the contrary, in terms of software, the company is on the lookout for new developments in the WEB, always looking for innovative products or simpler to use than certain market standards.  On the other hand, during the installations, the respect of the specifications and the punctuality allow the company to achieve its main objective: the satisfaction of the customer.

In the matter of the Internet, which the company has also seen born, COMPUWAVE has responded to its customers for the management of their domain name, website and email addresses but also by the disclosure of information about the dangers of the web (piracy, scams, ...).
COMPUWAVE also develops custom Windows or WEB-based software using the PL/B programming tool.  A commercial and accounting management is part of its "home" developments.

With the growth of family computing that was boosted by the advent of broadband Internet, COMPUWAVE also attached a loyal clientele of individuals to whom a new need for assistance was born, accompanied by the necessary trainings and Enough to use a computer (or even a whole network) at home.

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